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How to get started with the Ledger live application?
Ledger Live is an application that is launched specially for the users of Ledger Nano devices. This is a hardware wallet that keeps the crypto assets stored in an offline mode. It is considered a strong wallet for storing crypto assets. Every user purchases the hardware device of Ledger Wallet it would be mandatory to install this application as it enables crypto trading for the users. Hence, let us get to know how you can start using this application.
Steps to download the Ledger Application
Let us begin your journey of using Ledger Wallet and the first step in this procedure is its downloading process. Although everyone knows how to download any application into their device, maybe out of nervousness the users might download the wrong application from a phishing site. So, to prevent you from not falling into all the traps like this we are describing the downloading steps in this segment of the content.
1. Open Ledger.com/start on your device.
2. After that choose the device you want the application to get downloaded.
3. Click on ‘Download’.
4. Once the downloading is completed you will have to move further with the process of setting up your new account.
What are the steps for setting up Ledger Live?
This segment of the blog will entail details about setting up your Ledger application on your computer devices. So, if you are eager to know the details then read the below-stated procedure:
1. Open your installed application of Ledger Live.
2. Click on ‘Get Started’ on the screen opened.
3. Select how you want to set up your account. You will be provided with the 3 options and out of that click on ‘Set up as a new device’ since you are registering a fresh account on it.
4. After that select the name of your device from the list.
5. Tap on Continue.
6. You will now have to create a PIN code that should be at least 4 to 8 digits long which would be required at the time of login.
7. After this you will have to save your 24-word Secret Recovery Phrase.
8. Once the above-stated steps are completed press the ‘Continue’ button.
9. In the final step, enable the security check.
These are the necessary steps to set up your account. But it is possible that on the screen you will see some further steps as well. Those steps would be optional so it is your choice whether you want to execute them or not. Though, you should execute all the steps for proper account setup.
The procedure of Ledger Staking
After the wallet is ready to use let us discuss about its staking process. This section of the write-up will tell the users about the process of staking via Ledger. So, read and perform the steps in the same sequence as mentioned:
1. As you have already installed the application, but if it is not installed then go back to the top of this content and get familiarized with the steps for downloading.
2. Open the Ledger live application.
3. Then select the name of the application you want to install on your device for the staking process.
4. Open the application you have installed and purchase the crypto through the same application and then transfer them to your wallet.
5. Press on the name of the coin you want to stake and then tap on ‘Earn Rewards’.
6. In the final step select the amount of total stake.
After all the steps have been performed rightfully, your crypto-staking process would begin.
Final Thoughts
We hope that you were able to learn about Ledger Live and its steps for setting up. There are many benefits of using this application for example traders can track the price of the latest crypto coins, do ledger staking, and also swap the assets as per their choice. There are several other benefits of it as well. But not all of them were stated here. Though you might have got an idea of what features you can avail on it. Overall we can say that this platform is worth a try.
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